Project Overview

Yoga for the Athletes: Yoga Sequencing for Injury Free Golf, Tennis & Running

Module 11 will prepare you to serve athletes who add yoga to their training regimen. More and more athletes are adding yoga to gain a competitive edge and to stay injury free while enjoying their favorite sport. We explore typical sports related asymmetries resulting from repetitive movements or range of motion limitations of their sport. Yamuna® Body Rolling is introduced to release fascia, revitalize the body and realign these asymmetries. Sports specific yoga sequencing for golf, tennis, running and cycling are discussed. We will explore creating a daily spiritual practice which elevates your consciousness as a yogi/yogini. We will study and learn the basic Sanskrit terms associated with the teaching of yoga. Mantra and Japa (the repetition of a mantra) is explored as they are used as a powerful technique for focusing the mind and for harnessing the body/mind’s subtle energies for self-transformation. The curriculum includes: Group Asana Practice, Multi-media Lecture, Group Discussion, Journaling, Practice Teaching, Assisting, Adjusting and Sequencing in Yoga for Athletes.


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