Project Overview

Yin & Ayurveda: Mastery in the Sister Sciences

Module 10 focuses on the two sister sciences that compliment modern yoga practice–Yin yoga and Ayurveda. We will explore Yin yoga from the Taoist Yoga tradition in context of the functional anatomy of tendons, ligaments and fascia (connective tissue of the body) and its healing potential. The concept of qi (pronounced chee) and the physiological meridians, or subtle pathways, is discussed in relationship to the parallel concepts of prana, the nadi pathways and Chakras of the Indian yoga tradition. Ayurveda (also known as the wisdom of life) of the Vedic tradition is discussed in relation to the five elements (air, space, fire, water, earth), the concept of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and the balance of these constitutional properties. A variety of Dosha balancing techniques are discussed in relation to diet, lifestyle, herbs, prana (breath) as an integrated approach to wellness and whole body healing. We explore the peaceful practice of Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, as a full-body relaxation and deep meditative state of consciousness. The curriculum includes: Group Asana Practice, Multi-media Lecture, Group Discussion, Journaling and Practice Teaching, Assisting, Adjusting and Sequencing Yin yoga.


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