Project Overview

Inverting with Wisdom: Balancing Strength and Lightness

Module 8 focuses on inversions with emphasis on safety and counter-indications. Anatomy and physiology focuses on the neck and the muscles enabling inversions with plenty of time given to practice teaching and sequencing. The seventh Chakra (Sahasrara) or Crown Chakra connects us with the universe and the Divine– we explore how we can transcend the limitations of the body, ego, mind and intellect and instead live in a state of pure awareness and universal consciousness. We discuss the energetic anatomy of the subtle body. Our exploration of chair yoga delves into the special considerations of teaching yoga to those with limited range of motion on a chair. In our discussion of yoga as service we delve into a community service project and how yoga can support those populations most in need. The business of yoga explores how to create a yoga studio, a website, a brand, and how to use social media effectively to get your message to your potential clients. The curriculum includes: Group Asana Practice, Multi-media Lecture, Group Discussion, Journaling and Practice Teaching, Assisting, Adjusting and Sequencing inverted poses.


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