Project Overview

Gravity-Free Inversions: Mastery of Graceful Arm Balances

In Module 7 we focus our attention on arm balances and safely teaching and assisting them. Sequencing is discussed in context of finding lightness in the pose–to strengthen and float. We will explore the different yoga styles that are part of the offerings available to practitioners and the primary influencers in the yoga world. The sixth Chakra (Ajna) known as the seat of wisdom and conscience (the third eye) is discussed as we explore your inner voice as an expression of your deepest truth. Yoga as Service is discussed in the context of seva (selfless service) with an exploration into how the healing power of yoga can help reduce suffering in our own community. The anatomy and physiology of wrists, elbows and shoulders, integral to inversions, is covered in detail. Theming classes is discussed as well as the different learning styles, group dynamics and communication skills needed for effective teaching. Finally, creating a daily spiritual practice and how finding a balance between giving and self-care can be vital for yoga instructors and practitioners alike. The curriculum includes Group Asana Practice, Meditation, Multi-media Lecture, Group Discussion, Journaling and Practice Teaching, Assisting, Adjusting, and Sequencing for graceful arm balances.


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