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Single Mom Finds Healing in Starting a Business by Lauren Haney

When I was a 10-years-old, I had this moment that shaped my journey as an entrepreneur. In my parents, one car garage I put on a morning camp for kids in my neighborhood.

Yes, a kid having a camp for kids.

It must have been it because it was the 90s where parents were not tainted by the horrors we now hear daily on the news about children and my old soul shining through at ten. Also, my mom was right on the other side of the door secretly keeping an eye on us.

I charged parents a few dollars, planned activities and was thrilled about the whole thing. At the time, it appeared that I was naturally using these abilities to head in the field of education, which I am proudly a middle school math teacher today. Beyond the ability to plan and lead others, there was creativity, marketing and even selling that was happening that as a kid I did not recognize.

There is something powerful about making money.

Yet, money isn’t my motivator. Money is fleeting. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you do not. It’s amoral. What drives me is the ability to make a difference, the ability to use the creativity and skills I’ve been given, the opportunity to connect with incredible people and the ability to grow as an individual.

Life happens.

When I was 19-years-old, I was raped as a virgin. Naïve to parts of this world after being so engrossed in school and sports, I was robbed of something I held precious. Leading to a spiral of poor choices and ending in an unhealthy marriage. Within those years, I lost a piece of who I was. My creativity died. I was in a survival mode to work to make the situation better.

I truly believed I wasn’t creative. I can barely draw a stick figure without my middle school math students laughing with me. Yet, leaving was the most powerful experience I encountered. I’ll never forget driving away from Colorado Springs with the Rocky Mountains in the rearview mirror and exhaling “I’m free.”

New beginnings after healing.

Founding and starting Sarasota Moms Blog is more than just a platform that reaches moms, it is an outward expression of regaining who I am. It represents taking a risk, working hard and continually pursuing something beyond the four walls of my home. I love my own children. I love my day job as a teacher. Yet, Sarasota Moms Blog is a place for me to fulfill me in a different way.

The ability to work with incredible people in our mission to serve our community as a parenting resource, to work with business owners working hard to go after their goals and being able to sit and watch new people connect and support one another.

Sarasota Moms Blog

What I call my third child, Sarasota Moms Blog, has grown tremendously over the last year. I wanted to share some of the incredible projects we have done, like our Neighborhood Guide, Moms Guide to Local Parks and even have a monthly what to do this month (check our August!). We have Mom Tribes that you can join to connect personally with other moms in the area or of similar interest. Of course, we have an amazing group we daily connect with on Facebook and Instagram. My hope is through this, Sarasota Moms Blog makes a difference in the community and we are truly able to connect with moms who may need a friend.

For more information or how businesses can partner with us, email Lauren at lauren@sarasotamomsblog.com


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