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SarahFresh Juice, A Sarasota Company by Lynn Morris

Meet Lynn, owner of SaraFresh Juice. Lynn was raised with an entrepreneurial spirit
and a passion for fresh food. Her mom instilled in her an appreciation for locally
grown fruits and veggies. She taught Lynn to use seasonal ingredients as an
expression of love through food and community and basing meals around what
was available.

After immersing herself in the raw food and juice culture, Sarasota’s mobile juice
company was born. Lynn launched SaraFresh Juice in 2013, a name chosen to
reflect her value around supporting the local Sarasota community. The SaraFresh
brand was built on community. From her team to her healthy living ambassadors,
local partners, juice-loving customers and community supporters, SaraFresh is
always finding new ways to support Sarasota and surrounding areas.

The SaraFresh mission is to provide valuable nutrients through food and juice that
is sourced locally, tastes delicious and something the whole family with love. What
makes her juice special is the attention to local organic ingredients, coupled with
the cold-pressed process and mounds of love in everything she creates.

Her current obsession is Sugarbaby, made with organic sugarbaby watermelons
from Worden Farm. Some of her favorite seasonal menu items include Energizing
Green Lemonade, Hardcore Green, Tropical Beet, Gingeraid, Jalapiña and Liquid
Sunshine (based on seasonal availability). Want to try something new? In addition
to cold pressed juice, SaraFresh also carries superfood smoothies, plant based
protein shakes, cacao smoothies, homemade almond milk, booster shots, smoothie
bowls, raw food and juice cleanses.

The SaraFresh brand is committed to inspiring healthy living and education around
the benefits of consuming a plant based diet. Have questions? We have an in-house
dietician, athletes and doctors that collaborate with us to ensure our products
provide your daily needs of macronutrients, including protein. Her juice truck is
currently onsite at the downtown Sarasota Farmers Market every Saturday from 7-1
and at Pineapple Yoga Studio on May 31, June 7 and June 14 from 9-12 noon.

For more information about Lynn Morris and her amazing offerings, please visit her
website at sarafresh.com.


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