Project Overview

Stressed? Meditate!


Harvard University and others have done research surrounding the benefits of yoga and meditation that shows that regular practice affects genes in the body, changes the genes and directly affects immune function. In other words, there is an undeniable ‘biological’ benefit to practicing yoga and meditation. Yoga, as we understand it at Pineapple Yoga Studio, is meditation in motion. Our yoga classes are geared toward uniting the mind, body and spirit through Vinyasa flow. The Shivasana (corpse pose or final resting pose in a yoga practice) is a unique opportunity for the yoga instructor to tune into the class and guide practitioners in a meditation that quiets the body and mind.


Pineapple Yoga Studio is here to serve the community. Feel free to contact us via email or phone with any questions you may have about yoga or any of our programs. We look forward to hearing from you. Namaste, PYS


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