Project Overview

Eat More Fermented Foods for a Healthier Gut


Probiotic foods and supplements are all the rage right now. Those who suffer from digestive problem swear that fermented foods have healed their gut. How did they do it? The key is finding a healthy balance between the disease causing bacteria and the good bacteria in your gut. Eating fermented foods naturally achieves this balance by adding lactic acid-producing bacteria which help acidify the digestive tract, creating a healthy environment for good bacteria to grow. In additional to this yummy tummy balance, eating probiotic foods also helps balance the production of stomach acid–helping to protect the fragile intestinal lining. If you suffer from constipation, fermented foods aid digestion with the help of acetylcholine which improves the release of enzymes and gastric juices. The most impressive benefit (in my humble opinion) is the ability to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria which are very unhappy in the balanced environment created by probiotic foods. Pineapple Yoga Studio Boutique is so honored to have Fermentlicious’ yummy delicacies for sale. Add a spoonful or two with any meal, and watch the magic happen!


Pineapple Yoga Studio is here to serve the community. Feel free to contact us via email or phone with any questions you may have about yoga or any of our programs. We look forward to hearing from you. Namaste, PYS


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